Decorative image showing textures typical of Miranda's work

miranda howe ceramics

Artist's Statement

Stemming from an interest in architectural elements, I began studying the vast array of stone and brickwork employed in both contemporary and ancient cultures. Whether along streets or as wall treatment, the range of interlocking surfaces that could be created was impressive. This simple but powerful inspiration led me to introduce a more volumetric quality into my tile format of working. Folded slabs of textured clay were formed into hollow “pillow tiles” and gradually evolved into my current slab-constructed “box” forms. These dimensional qualities often yield to underlying depths, giving way to surprising openings and glimpses of secret spaces within.

My pieces are layered with geologic information and are rooted with a love for the natural environment. I am continually amazed by the delicacy and designs found in natural objects. Within my pieces, a small pebble or snail shell may be the entire focus, set against a contrasting decorative, calculated surface. These combinations reflect a continued fascination with the spirit of nature in counterpart with the efforts of man.

Travels abroad have influenced the decorative and ornamental qualities of my work. I utilize patterns, textures, and colors reminiscent of crumbling walls, inlaid marble flooring, tightly woven textiles, and ornate mosaics. Much of my work is saturated with texture and repetitive designs that have no starting or ending point. These decorative elements propagate a rhythm and cadence, lending themselves to meditative qualities. I explore this type of contemplation as well as the intrusions that break and interfere with that rhythm.